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What is SIP Trunking?

SIP communications is the latest technology in business communications. It's been carefully developed over the past several years to a point where it is now stable and reliable enough to support your business. NuTel can send dial tone to your business over your high speed internet connection, no matter how many lines you need.

How reliable is it?

Since SIP Trunks arrive at your business via your high speed internet connection, they are as reliable as your equipment and service provider. If you're having less than satisfactory service we can help with that too, ensuring your business has as much "up time" as possible. Because SIP connections are digital, the voice is also transmitted digitally and can have excellent audio quality.

"So what if the internet goes down? Do I lose all of my calls?"

No. NuTel's SIP trunking allows us to pre-configure emergency routing. When a client dials your number, the SIP network presents the call to your phone system. If there is not an immediate response the SIP network sends that call directly to its backup number, i.e.; branch office, cell phone, on call employee, etc.

How can it improve my business?

In our current economy businesses are looking to cut costs. Most lines from local providers (Qwest, AT&T, McLeod, etc.) cost a business $45 to $50 per month. Don't forget taxes, usage fees, extended area service charges, federal access charges and long distance, per line! Do you know how much you're actually paying per minute?

NuTel's SIP trunks cost $29.95 per month. No hidden fees. No taxes. And long distance costs literally $.021 per minute (two and one tenth cent per minute). And yes, Caller ID is included.

Businesses with multiple locations have an even bigger advantage. Calls between offices within the 50 states are not charged ANY long distance fee.

Will it work on my existing phone system?

Yes! Our products are designed to work on any system whether you have local lines, a T1, a PRI, or IP trunking. Our products will work on anything from a really old telephone system to the latest NEC IP PBX, and everything in between!

This means you don't necessarily have to perform a costly upgrade to your existing system to implement Voice Over IP! We're happy to help you understand what technologies will work on your system without upgrading!

Check out our SIP Savings Calculator »

Input your number of business phone lines in cell A2, where the red number 12 is. The Excel sheet will calculate the typical savings we observe versus Qwest or other competitive carriers.


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