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InMail from NEC is a digital voice mail application designed specifically for the Electra Elite® IPK II. InMail's unique digital integration is the result of the voice processing system being part of the communication system.

Today, organizations not only seek additional features and functionality but also expect improved efficiency, economy and convenience. Digital integration brings increased speed and accuracy to your voice mail system. The InMail message storage mounts directly on the system's Central Processing Unit (CPU) resulting in the highest level of integration. This messaging system combines value and convenience with the needs of the smaller sized business.

The inherent design results in the InMail being easy to install, program and administer. The voice mail system shares the same HTML GUI interface used for system programming; WebPro / PCPro. These programming interfaces communicate with the voice mail system using the CPU's built-in Ethernet connection. The final result is a cost effective, smart voice mail system that is easy to install and maintain.

InMail is designed for businesses requiring up to 4 voice mail ports. InMail is available with 2 to 4 voice mail ports and supports up to 128 mailboxes and eight hours of storage.

The intuitive user interface is enhanced with SoftKeys. Each user with a multiline telephone with a display will be guided with message management options. Softkeys make it easy to manage voice mail messages and enjoy the features of the system, and maximize your investment in display telephones.

The InMail's feature set contains all the features you would expect to find in standard voice mail systems, but also includes advanced features typically found only in larger, more expensive systems. A message count on the telephone LCD keeps users informed as to how many messages are waiting in their mailbox. There is no need for users to call in to voice mail to find out if messages are waiting. This maximizes employee productivity and improves responsiveness to customers who are awaiting callbacks.

A conversation recording feature keeps a recording of a conversation and stores it directly into your mailbox. Later on, you may review the recorded conversation for important details, or use it to document conversations.

The answering machine emulation feature can be used to screen calls just like a home answering machine. Employees can choose to interrupt their current task and immediately answer important calls, or let the caller continue to leave a message in their mailbox.

InMail complements and completes business messaging options and cost effectively delivers a turn-key solution.

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